Awareness Initiatives on Cauvery Pushkaram-2017


A charitable trust “Cauvery Pushkaram-2017” was established in Mumbai. The key members are Mr.Sundaraman (Thiruvayyar AnnaSwamy Bhagvathar ‘s grandson) , Mr.U Sekar, Ganesha Vadiyar and Sankara Matam Siva.

At Matunga “Mumbai Bhajan Samaj” Ganesha Vadiyar updated audience on Cauvery Pushkaram. At Dombivili Dinakaran Sarma Family’s Shashi Apta Poorthi – Smt Mahalakshmi and Sri Sundaraman ( Mumbai Co-ordinator for Cauvery Pushkaram Activities ) spoke to audience on the related events being planned.

The Pariharams, Pitru Karyams and other related arrangements have been made and contacts provided in the website.


25 Captions on Cauvery has been finalized and printed as Banners. The First Phase Banners have been printed and put up on important ghats of Cauvery.  Sri Muthukumar Swamy is the person in charge for this activity .

Mr.Seetharaman, Ganapathi Press  has planned for a CauveryPushkaram malar – a magazine to be published for the benefit of all the people. Please contact him for contributions towards this.

Swami Ramananda has kindly invited Sri Sri Ravishankar – Art of Living, for the Pushkaram events on Sep-12 and he has agreed to be present for the same.

For any queries please contact Smt. Mahalakshmi and Sri Sundaraman ( 9830059288).

Important Message on Cauvery Pushkaram-2017