Have you planned for Pushkaram ?

Dear Visitors , 

Our Puranas say : 

किम् तपोभिश्र्च वेदैश्र्च किम् तीर्थै> किम् व्रतादिभि> ।

कावेर्यां तु सकृत£स्नात्वा साक्षान् £नारायणो भवेत् ॥

As the slokam denotes, what is the need for austerity, tirtas, vedas and vratas ? By taking a dip as per procedure in the river, you become Sri Narayana Himself. 

The Pushkaram committee is working day and night to make this a memorable event for all of us. Please participate and reap benefits. With Kaveri river , flowing in majesty now across its full length, the Kaveri Matha is communicating that she is all set and waiting to bless us ! 

You may want to know

  1. Whom to contact for Pariharams – we are going to publish contacts.
  2. Slokam for Dhyanam and Snanam Vidhi – we are going to publish the contents
  3. Accomodations – we will publish number for hotels to contact.
  4. Food Arrangements – We will publish the contact numbers or address where Annadanum is being conducted or seperate food being cooked for specific needs..

Please do attend in large numbers

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