Soliciting Contributions towards Pushkaram events

पुष्करे पुस्तकम् दानं अन्नदानं करोति यः।  सर्वदा सुखमाप्नोति परत्रेह मानवः

Translated to – “One who contributes towards Annadanam or Books donation during Pushkaram, always attains all prosperity in life”. 

This Pushkaram people belonging to Kanya, Tula and Vrichigam rasi must definetly take a dip at holy river and do donations as per their capability on any of the day. Refer previous post on specific danaums during pushkaram.

People with Mesha,Mithunam,Meena and Kumbha rasi are also recommended to take the holy dip without fail.

We Solicit contributions from all for the conduct of pushkaram events and activities along with construction of the permanent tank at mayiladuthurai. The contributions can be done to the Trust solely operational for this main purpose.For any contributions/sponsorship please reach out to Chief Co-ordinator – Smt. Mahalakshmi S. [Mobile : 9840054289]

The contributions will be utilized for the following 

  1. Annadanam
  2. Parayanams – Vedam, Lalitha Sahasranamam, Vishnu Sahasranamam
  3. Cauvery Arthi
  4. Swami Theerthavari

All these activities require 2 lakh per day at specified ghats of river Cauvery.