Pushkara Snanam at SriRangapatnam – Karnataka

कावेरि त्रिजन्मानः कावेरि सलिलाप्लुता।
 कावेरि वाताद्यै स्पृष्ठा यान्ति हरेःपदम्।

The Agnaeya Purana says that those who are contacted by the breeze blowing from Kaveri get release from rebirth and reach the lotus feet of the Lord.

Dear Devotees, 

Those who are unable to travel to Tamil Nadu but stay close to Mysore, we would suggest taking a dip at Srirangapatnam. Srirangapatna is known as Adi Ranga and it is known for Ranganathaswamy Temple in Karnataka. 

Here the water is flowing very nicely, and the ghats have been specially organized for the purpose.  Provision for performing Pitru Tarpanam, Pushkara Sankalpa Snanam and Aarti are all available.  

River Kaveri ‘s gushing water makes you feel as though she is as curious as the bhaktas to wash away the sins and purify the souls of those who take refuge to her. Post the snanam you can plan to perform darshan of Sri Ranganathar.. too.