Prescribed Danum (Donation) during Pushkaram

पुष्करे पुस्तकम् दानं अन्नदानं करोति यः।

सर्वदा सुखमाप्नोति परत्रेह मानवः

Translated to – “The one who does donation of books or food , gets all the prosperity which is uncomparable to anything else” 

Following table provides a view on the required dhanum ( charity) to be given during pushkaram

It is posted now in Tamil, below is also a version translated in Tamil.


Generally  Books, Pencil, Pen and Money for Education can be given. Specific Items for Donation on the particular day of Pushkaram is listed below.

Day of Pushkaram Main Deity Items for Donation
First Mitran Gold, Silver, Seeds/Grains, Bhumi
Second Aryama Dress Materials, Salt, Go (Cow), Ratnam
Third Dhvasta Jaggery, Vegetables, Horse, Fruits, Vehicle
Fourth Suryan Ghee, Oil, Honey, Milk
Fifth Vivasvan Vehicle with Seeds/Grains, Mahisham ( Buffalo), Rishabham( Bull), Plough
Sixth Arun Medicine, Camphor, Kasturi, Sandal, Scented Liquids
Seventh Bhagvan House, Peetam / Seating mattress, Bedding, Chairs
Eighth Amsuman Sandal wood, Flowers, Edible Root Vegetables, Ginger.
Ninth Indran Pindam, Kanya, Sowbagya dhravyam, Turmeric, Bangles
Tenth Parjanyan HariHara Pooja, Lakshmi, Gowri Pooja, Salagramam, and Books
Eleventh Vishnu Elephant , Horse to the Country / Troops
Twelfth Brahma Tilam (Linseed), Sodhasha Danangul