Pushkara Sambhavam Slokam.. reference for Cauvery Pushkaram

मेषे च गङ्गा, वृषभे च नर्मदा, युग्मे च वाणी, यमुना कुलीरे, गोदावरी सिंह गते च, कन्यांगते देवगुरौच कृष्णा, कावेरी तौल्यां, अलिताम्रपर्णी, चापे च सिंधु, मकरे च भद्रा, घटेगुरौ भीमरथी, प्रणीता मीनेगते, पुष्करमाहुरार्याः!
इति कदा कस्याः पुष्करं संभवतीति श्लोकः

The Krishna Pushkaram granthe, provides the reference of all the sacred rivers and their associated pushkara sambhava rasi. As per this Ganga takes the Mesha Rasi, Narmada takes the Rishbha, Wani is associated to Mithunam, Yamuna with Karkatakam, Godavari with Simha, Krishna with Kanya, Cauvery with Tula, Vrichikam with Tambiraparani, Sindhu with Dhanushu, Bhadravati with Makaram,  Bhemarathi with Kumbham and Praneta (tributary of Godavari) with Meenam.  Thus this slokam provides the reference of river and their associated rasi for pushkaram event. 

As per this Slokam, Cauvery is associated with Tula rasi. 

Cauvery Pushkaram is a festival of River Cauvery that normally occurs once in 12 years. This Pushkaram is observed for a period of 13 days from the time of entry of Jupiter into Tula rasi (Libra). Since this year the Jupiter (Brihaspathi) moves to Tula Rasi, it is marked as Cauvery Pushkaram.

This year the astrological movements make it rare such that , this event occurs only after next 144 years ! 

Hope you are all planning to take a dip in the River, If not, please do not miss this opportunity ! 

Smt Girija Hariharan and Party Performing at Allur on Day-1 Pushkaram

As per Periyava’s instructions and wish, a series of musical concerts is organized in Allur, Trichy during Pushkaram.

On Day-1 , Allur villagers, had the privilige of listening to Smt Girija Hariharan along with Sri Thiruvaiyaru Swaminathan in Veena, Sri Trichy Swaminathan on Mridangam and Sri Deenadayalu on Morsing.  

It was a very apt concert and the right start for the grand event. Smt Girija commenced with a song on Vigneshwara by Dikshitar from Kamakshi Navavarnam, followed by many kirthis by Thyagarajar and Dikshitar.

She also sang the Kaveri Bhujangam Stotram  for the very first time to the audience of Allur. 

We thank Sri Ramanathan for helping us arrange this event and also Smt Girija and other artists for kindly accepting to perform at a very short notice. 

WE will publish the Schedule shortly for other artists performing during this time.



Allur – near Trichy suggested for pushkara snanam by HH Periyava

We requests all the Bhaktas as per HH Periyava’s instructions to plan to take a dip at Allur-near Trichy ( 8 km from Chatram Bus Stand).. well connected through buses. Arrangements have been made for Sankalpam snanam or pariharams ( Please see main page for link to phone numbers) .. Good Food is also available upon early booking. 

Evenings are filled with cultural activities like Aarti at Cauvery Ghat, Musical concerts or Upanyasams. 

Post release of water from Mettur dam, the place has good flowing water, and is located in a serene environment. 

For details kindly contact : Mr. Ramu – 090033 81148

Other Details at link

Day 1 Celebrated with Grandeur

12th September, 2017


Thula Ghattam, Mayavaram

His Holiness Pujya Shri Jayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamigal & His Holiness Pujya Shri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamigal commenced the Kaveri Pushkaram at Tula Ghattam, Mayavaram at 8:30 AM. Pujya Acharyas left Srimatam Camp situated at Vadakku Ramalinga Agraharam on the southern bank of the river and reached Thula Ghattam in a traditional procession. After Purnahuti at the Yaga Shala and arrival of Abhayamba Sameta Mayuranatha Swamy on the Northern Bank & Vadanyeshwara Swamy on the southern Bank of Thula Ghattam, Kaveri water was poured from Swarna Kalasham. Snanam was performed amidst chanting of Veda Mantras and Nadaswaram. Various danams were given on the occasion.


Allur , Trichy

The day started with Sankalpam Snanam and followed by Aarti in the evening and a grand carnatic music concert by Smt. Dr Girija, accompanied by Sri Swaminathan in Veenai, Sri Trichy Swaminathan on Mridangam and Sri Deenadayalu from Malaikottai on Morsing.  A great day started and ended in a great way !