Kaveri Pushkaram – a brief write up by Sir. P R Kannan

This note is written by Sir P R Kannan from Navi Mumbai. He has written the Sri Tula Mahatmiyam in English  with Sanskrit Slokas and published for the benefit of all of us. This write up is a brief summary from him to  help us all.  – Admin ( Cauvery Pushkaram Info Team)


Pushkaram refers to a specially sacred period associated with a holy river, depending on Guru Bhagavan’s stay in a certain Raasi. Like Krishna Pushkaram last year, Kaveri Pushkaram occurs this year  when Guru Bhagavan enters Tula Raasi. The first 12 days, Arambha Pushkaram, from 12th to 24thSeptember 2017, are extremely sacred; bath in and worship of Kaveri any time in the day during this period bestows immeasurable merit.
Bath with Sankalpa and chanting of Vedic Suktas or mantras on Kaveri, Pitru Karyam, Danam, Kaveri Puja, and reading or listening to Tula Kaveri Mahatmyam are all highly recommended. It is noteworthy that the initial few days from 12th to 19th September coincide with Mahalaya Paksham, and Pitru Sraadhas in this period on the banks of Kaveri are extremely beneficial. Jagadguru Sankaracharyas of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham have instructed that the initial period of Kaveri Pushkaram of 12 days from 12th to 24th September 2017 be celebrated in a grand manner at various kshetras on the banks of river Kaveri and that good publicity be given so that large masses of people can reap the merit by bathing in the river. Six of these kshetras are hailed in Puranas as being equivalent to Kashi in merit.
They are:Mayavaram (Gowri Mayuram), Tiruvenkadu (Svetaranyam), Tiruvaiyaru (Panchanadam), Tiruvidaimarudur (Madhyarjunam), Chayavanam and Srivanchiyam. Other prominent kshetras include Srirangam, Thiruveengoimalai (near Tiruchi), Tiruvarur, Kodumudi, Karur, Swamimalai, Tiruvisainalloor, Kumbakonam, etc. Of these, Mayiladuthurai (Mayavaram) has been specially chosen for this observance on a grand scale. Visit the new website www.cauverypushkaram.info for details.
Puranas extol Kaveri’s greatness.
काकारो कलुषं हन्ति वेकारो वाञ्छितप्रदः । रीकारो मोक्षदं नॄणां कावेरीत्यवधारय॥
“The letter ‘Ka’ in the word ‘Kaveri’ removes all sins; ‘Ve’ fulfils all desires; ‘Ri’ grants Moksha to people. Know this to be the intent of the term ‘Kaveri’.”
Kaveri is Devi Parvathi incarnate, who came down to earth as Lopamudra, consort of sage Agastya and turned into river for the wellbeing of mankind. Puranas abound in stories of persons redeeming themselves of heinous sins by bathing in Kaveri. Even Raja Harischandra of Ayodhya bathed in Kaveri in Tula month for relief from the sin of a minor transgression.
Come September, let us march to Kaveri and earn the blessings of Devi Kaveri and the Acharyas.
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